First contacts with jewellery

I was born in the beginning of January 1972 and grew up in Tallinn. I was exposed to precious metals as early as my childhood. My mother and grandmother worked in the Tallinn Jewellery Factory, which was located at Pärnu mnt. 20. As a child, I was often smuggled through the factory gate, where I watched with excitement, the work and activities of my mother and grandmother. Everything I saw and experienced around me left an indelible mark. I am very grateful to my mother for this opportunity.

My journey to titanium

As a young man, I learned to work with different metals. My mother helps me to clarify the first basic techniques of a goldsmith and I can help her in her home workshop. At some point in my life, I moved to the east coast of the United States. In America, New York offers me a lot of new opportunities. Whilst living there, I trained and educated myself at the local jeweller.
I learned new techniques for matching titanium with gold and other precious metals. I got to try different silver works and forgings, and I got to know precious metals and other materials better.
I have learned more about titanium under the guidance of an experienced goldsmith here in Estonia in his workshop. “Al” lived and worked as a jeweller in California for a long time. He has great talent and always has great ideas. Old school jeweller Karl Tomberg has also contributed to my work with his good thoughts. “Goldsmith Karla” has also been a great example to me.

Former jewelry factory building in Tallinn

My titanium

Titanium has always interested me in its intricate character and wonderful metallic-silver color.
The material mainly moved hand to hand during the “Soviet era”. This material was mainly used in military factories or in the rarity of higher category lathes. In the early 90’s, most rare metals, the Mendeleev table and even rarer earth metals were sold to the West at multiple profits….

In my work I use the old techniques of an old school goldsmith as well as sophisticated metal processing technologies with the help of modern machines.
Titanium is a unique material that also makes its wearer more unique. Hand engraved wedding rings are a truly beautiful and enjoyable craft for you for life.

Asymmetry is often encountered in the works – aesthetically clean line and top finish. I shift the work frames with playful ease and I like to feel and shift the boundaries.
I like the so-called all kinds of curved mirrors, mould-forging, anodizing and resisting all its whims. I have combined work and hobby for myself. My material and jewellery designed by me, has received recognition from the Estonian Allergy Association.

I make handmade wedding rings and jewellery for allergy sufferers as well. Everyone who is interested will definitely find something for themselves. If necessary, I can combine and match different precious metals and engrave your story on the rings.

All work and details receive special treatment and fine-tuning. Each project is a new challenge and needs its time. By listening to a person’s story and considering his/her ideas, thoughts and desires, the best art is born in collaboration. All works have been completed from hand to finish.
You can come to me to see the rings and even consult me in a wheelchair. My works are completed in a small studio in Tallinn.
Your idea – my realisation, in cooperation we will definitely find the best solution.
You are always Welcome!

PS! Dear customers and friends! There is a loss of up to -20% whenprocessing gold!

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