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  • Custom jewelry
  • Selling jewelry
  • Spectacle frame repairs service

    Send me a message, if you want to order finished jewellery or custom jewellery.
    Languages ​​I speak: English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian.
    I also offer a titanium spectacle frame renovation service.

    Dear customers and friends. If you have any good ideas or a vision, please try to describe in detail what your needs are. Whether it’s titanium wedding rings, jewellery or other products. You can also attach idea-pictures with your email.
    At my studio, if you come to me for a consultation, you can park your car for free.
    You can also come in a wheelchair. My workshop allows you to roll in without hindrance.
    Call ahead or send me a message, then we can agree more precisely and meet your wishes.

    PS! The titanium anode and the real “colour gamma” can be a little different from the pictures on the website!